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Satellite Dish Removal, Disposal and Wire Management | American Digital Satellite
Attention Property owners and management companies; Dish Installation and Wiring Management saves money, time and energy

Are you unhappy with multiple Dishes hanging on the building, connected to roof with cables and wires running every where?

Is the value of your property lower because of wires and dishes visible and make it unsafe?

Is your insurance company charging you more for safety reasons?

Are you loosing tenants “new or old” for not allowing dish installation?

Exclusive Program For Multitenant Property Owners & Management Companies
American Digital has a solution which will cost you NOTHING and it also creates potential revenue stream for you and your property. Dish Management Program.
We at American Digital offer this exiting new service called “Dish Management Program”. It enables us to install only one dish per building, per satellite service at no cost to you or your organization
Dish Disposal Services
dish removal and disposal services

We remove all Dishes from each building at no charge!
We provide a brand new HD Central Dish per satellite service for each building at no charge!
We connect our special module to the dish for reception and connection at no charge!
We manage all cables to improve the appearance of your building by concealing, bundling, etc…to the extent it is possible at no charge!  
We connect cables from central dish to each unit at no charge!

Benefits to you are

By removing all dishes and replacing them with only one dish the appearance of your building will be improved which adds value to your property
In most cases we use devices at no cost which make it possible not to drill or leave holes on the roof top (depending on roof type); Less drilling prevents future damages to the building
We provide both DirecTV and International Satellite services, therefore, we can accommodate various types of high quality entertainment making it more desirable to existing and potential tenants.

American Digitals provides dish installation management in Los Angeles at no cost to you.
In exchange we require EXCLUSIVITY agreement to provide satellite services to existing and future tenants and a minimum number of new account activation (depending on the size of project).
There is no additional charge to tenants to receive their existing services. 
New installation and service will only be allowed to be provided by American Digital. 
We approach the tenants and provide information when approved we make the connection and provide services at no cost to you. 
We are local so we are here to help and provide service 24/7.

Take advantage of this offer & call

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American Digital Satellite's goal as a solution provider is to offer the best in quality and service at minimum price

We provide these services throughout Southern California with our own Certified Installation Crew.
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Satellite Dish removal, disposal and wiring management by American Digital Satellite for apt building, multi unit condos

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